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Capitol Strategies, Inc. is in the business of providing expert level information systems staffing, consulting, and recruiting services to government agencies and corporations throughout the Central Illinois region.

We are known for our ability to connect people and projects, securing the very best information systems talent for our clients.  At the same time, information systems specialists in the area are very aware of the very special relationship we have created with the people on our team.


It is this people-centered approach that makes us different.  


With more than twenty years of industry service, Capitol Strategies possesses a strong record of success, serving clients such as:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Illinois Dept of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Illinois State Board of Education
Illinois Department of Central Management Services
Illinois State Police
Horace Mann Corporation
Illinois Dept of Finance and Professional Regulation
Hitachi Corporation
IBM Corporation

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Capitol Strategies :: Springfield, Illinois   Looking for a company that respects its people, has built strong relationships with agencies and companies in the Springfield area, and can provide you with new career opportunities?  

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