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ARRA Coordination Assistance

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is going to have a significant impact on state and local governments, providing more than $250 billion to stimulate state programs and support state revenues. However, while these funds provide opportunities to states, they also present states with unprecedented challenges. Receipt of these funds will require states to make immediate legislative, operational and information system changes. States risk losing stimulus funds if they cannot make these changes and funds are not obligated timely. In addition, states will be under much scrutiny to ensure that funds are spent appropriately. State agencies will likely be subject to more extensive audits and will need to implement measures to increase transparency and accountability.

The wave of retirements, coupled with hiring restrictions, has taken a significant toll on many state agencies. As a result, they are ill equipped to handle the new challenges that ARRA presents. If you are one of these agencies, Capitol Strategies can help.

Our network of consultants include former government administrators, certified Project Management Professionals, fiscal officers, auditors and technical experts who bring with them extensive management experience and public sector knowledge. We will work with your staff to ensure the effective and timely use of ARRA funds; improve transparency and meet reporting requirements; and implement measures to mitigate risk and prevent waste, fraud and abuse.

For more information, please call us. We can take the burden out of ARRA oversight and coordination, and help maximize the value of the funds you receive.

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